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'Skipping Christmas' Critique


My opinion of 'Skipping Christmas' is that it was a very well written book with an interesting topic.

I, personally, would never think of skipping Christmas, and this book, was a good insight into that...or at least one version of it. It was a new experience for me. Very different type of book. It was in a very well written context. The ending was well-written, as was the beginning and middle. The book, Skipping Christmas, was a wonderful book by an even more excellent author.
Grisham took a break from his normal writing of suspenseful, lawyerly novels for this heartfelt, touching story. He is proving to the world that he can do more than just write about technical conspiracies that are wildly driven. Now, when looked at, Grisham won't seem like some crazy maniac writing about people getting killed due to their involvement in some conspiracy. Instead, people will look at him more as a wonderful writer, with a beautiful blessing. I feel that this turn that Grisham took was a fantastic change. Even though his fast-paced books are probably more popular, Skipping Christmas is a wonderful read from beginning to end.
There were many things I liked about the book Skipping Christmas. One of which, is just the basic idea of it. Like I already said, the idea of skipping Christmas has never entered my mind once, and it was a new topic that interested me.
Second of which, is the ending. In the end, Blair calls home, and they are in a frenzy to make things perfect for her on such short notice. I love this ending, because it was unexpected and made the book much more enjoyable and worthwhile. It's like they say, you don't read a book to get to the middle...and this was most definately one of those books that they were talking about.

One of my dislikes of Skipping Christmas is that is was very repetitive. All it talked about through much of the book was the neighbors hassling them, and some buddies congratulating Luther. I think that having more variety in this book would make it an even better read. I wish that Grisham would have added in a few little quirks along the way. The only quirk throughout the whole story is Blair calling home on such short notice. I think that Grisham didn't live up to his full potential when he wrote this book. He has had many suspenseful novels where he added a lot of little quirks along the way. I like that method of writing better than the repetitive kind that Skipping Christmas was.

In conclucion, I would like to say once more, that Skipping Christmas was a wonderful read. I reccommend it to anyone who would like a heartlfelt, touching story.