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Synopsis of 'Skipping Christmas'



Luther and Nora Krank are sick of all the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Fighting the crowds just so they lose thousands of dollars for things that they don't even remember a half a year later. Their daughter, Blair, leaves for Peru to work with the Peace Corps, so, naturally, Christmas is not going to be the same for them. When an oppurtunity for a luxerious cruise confronts Luther, he takes the deal and decides to skip Christmas all together.....
Luther and Nora start tanning and dieting so they can fit in with the sun-bathed crowd on the cruise. Between being hassled by their neighbors, and preparing for their 10-day vacation, their hands are fulll enough. They are ready to go. But all of this changes...
The phone rings, 11 AM, Christmas Eve. It is Blair, and she is in Miami with her fianceť on her way home. Six o'clock she says. Surprise! Nora tells her she will be there to pick her up at the airport, and automatically, the cruise is ditched. They have a Christmas Eve party to plan in the next seven hours. They are in a frenzy, panic state. Nora takes charge immediately. She goes to scrounge up whatever she can find at the grocery store. Luther is left to finding and decorating a tree. Luther has to resolve to borrowing his neighbor's tree in order to make the cut. Walt Scheel mistakingly thinks that a robbery is taking place, and calls the police. Everybody is in a frenzy, wondering what is going on. Fortunately, everything is worked out, and Luther is left to cramming his decorations on his borrowed tree. Nora gets home and is not very pleased with the messy concoction that Luther calls a Christmas tree, but she will ive with it. Now, she wants the ever-impossible Frosty put up on the roof. Luther disagrees - NO FROSTY!!! Nora insists and Luther finally gives in. Nora leaves again, in search of more Christmas items, and Luther is left to the evil demon Frosty. Luther climbs up on to the roof. It is relly slippery, due to all of the ice. He manages to maintain his balance...but only for a short while. He slips, and is sure he is going to die. A cord catches his leg...Now, he is hanging upside down, about eight feet from the cement of his driveway. Walt Scheel looks out his window and notices him. Scheel calls 9-1-1. Pretty soon, everybody is on the scene to help Luther down. The department...police...neighbors...they are all there. Luther finally gets down from his upside down perch. He tells everyone what happened with the unexpected phone call and all. He announces that he gives up, and it is all hopeless. Vic Frohmeyer disagrees, and takes charge immmediately. The party is back on, and everybody is invited! The neighbors pitch in with food and decorations, while Blair and her fianceť are picked up by a couple of police officers. The party turns out great, and everybody is hunky-dorey. Luther walks to the Scheel household. He gives the cruise tickets to Walt Scheel and his wife (who is dying of cancer). Happy holidays! and leaves. Skipping Christmas...what a stupid idea!